A Risk Management Plan – Plan the Work, Work the Plan

There is a new project scope/charter or new insurance program or new insurance package that has been approved to go. If the scope is considered the WHAT, the HOW (or plan) now needs to be developed, ideally before the work is completed! There is a saying in projects – plan the work, work the plan. The same applies to a risk program whether on a project or some other type of program. Who is to do it? What has to be done? Where will it be conducted? When? Why do it at all? How will the risk work be done? This presentation is about developing a Project Risk Management Plan that addresses the W5 plus How so there is a Plan to work.

Learning Objectives:
1. The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How for a project risk management plan (that could be utilized elsewhere)
2. Tools to help implement the plan
3. Typical Table of Contents
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