Achieving High Performance in Inclusion and Diversity

Intense pressures will continue in the mining industry for decades to come, competitive differentiators in today’s global economy are a necessity; inclusion and diversity are critical elements of success in the mining industry’s future. Expanding the mining workforce to harnessing the power of inclusion and diversity is a priority. Diversity is the foundation of a global mindset and key element in reaching the hearts and minds of your workforce.

Inclusion puts the concept and practice of diversity into action. By creating an environment of involvement, respect and connection, the mosaic of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives are united to create high performance. This creates the necessary environment for valuing, engaging, retaining and promoting a diverse workforce. Diverse workforces are correlated to higher levels of engagement, workgroup performance, market relevance and innovation. This paper will provide a perspective on the scope of diversity, explore innovative programs around inclusion and diversity that have successfully been implemented, describe successful accountability frameworks for diversity, describe governance and sponsorship models and explore individual and organizational levers to consider when implementing an inclusion and diversity program. It is time to “up our game” and accelerate our inclusion and diversity journey.

By: Jose J. Suarez, M.Eng., P.Eng., Managing Director, Lead North America Mining, Accenture, Linda Brown, Senior Manager, Accenture, and Jamile Cruz, Manager, Accenture
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