Project life cycle

In fact a project success relies on executive project team understanding the complete project cycle. This is true for a greenfield or a brownfield project. A project cannot be executed by hoping for the best but by planning for the success.

A project team expecting high returns with minimal cash input will foresee the end of the project when the construction will be completed. A project team having operation background will expect the project to be delivered as an optimized plant.

In any project, the project execution team should always bring into the project execution key experts at the beginning of the project to setup the baseline. The experts shall cover all aspect of the project from project definition, estimation, engineering up to supply management chain (SCM).

At each phase, the team should consider all aspects and balance costs, expected performance, redundancy, expenses structure, engineering details, …

Each team should integrate evaluation/decision regarding safety, technology, commissioning, start-up, ramping-up and operation.

Experts consulted should include: process, equipment, instrumentation, automation, process control and optimization, POV and commissioning. Ideally, operation/maintenance personnel should be appointed during the design review.

Finally, from construction to commissioning to operation readiness, the teams should keep in mind the transfer from project to operations.

In all subsequent phases (procurement, manufacturing, construction) criteria selection should be evaluated and decided in regard of the total life cycle.
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