Leadership Practices for Sustained Reliability Improvement: Understanding Your Leader Assets

Consistent, predictable performance is the ultimate desired outcome of all reliability improvement efforts. We replace equipment and redesign systems to achieve this result, and then are often stymied when we cannot achieve consistent, predictable behavior by the people doing the work!

Leadership Practices for Sustained Reliability Improvement allows us to consider what consistent, effective leadership practices enhance the ability of employees at all levels to consistently perform surveillance, monitoring, root-cause analysis, action planning and follow-through on paperwork, equipment history, scope work orders, and address worst/bad actors – all the underlying behaviours that allow us to address reliability and integrity challenges.

CLG’s unique method for making reliable, valid information about leadership practices visible in the organization enables a behaviour-centric management systems approach. A client case example will be used to illustrate how to:

•address the leadership practices aspect of the people side of reliability
•integrate the behaviour-centric management system with and support existing reliability improvement efforts
•prepare a practical, high level action plan you can put in place immediately

Many organizations find that consistent, supportive leadership practices greatly enhance sustained reliability.
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