• Dates :
    sept. 19, 2014
  • Heures :
    De 08:00 à 17:00
  • Emplacement :
    Radisson Hotel Sudbury, Sudbury, Canada
  • Type d'événement :


Josephine Ruddle
Deep Mining 2014 Event Manager
Australian Centre for Geomechanics
61 8 64883300
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This course will be presented by Dr Will Bawden and Dr Kathy Kalenchuk, Mine Design Engineering.

Numerical modelling is an important tool for mining geomechanics. When properly calibrated, numerical models are capable of forward simulating mine plans in order to predict rockmass deformation, the severity of seismicity and potential for rockbursting over the mine life. These predictions can then be used to identify potential risk for damage to critical mine infrastructure, and for ensuring personnel safety. The development and calibration of practical numerical models is a complex process which involves many input factors such as the numerical method, input geometry, boundary conditions, geological conditions and geotechnical data. An understanding of realistic uncertainty and limitations of these model inputs is essential to acquiring meaningful model output for interpretation. This course will provide participants with the necessary tools for qualitative and quantitative model calibration so that forward simulations of mine plans can provide meaningful predictions of ground response to mining. A discussion on the development and calibration of practical numerical models for mining applications is presented through a number of underground mining case studies.