• Dates :
    mai 01 - 02, 2014
  • Heures :
    De 08:30 à 17:00
  • Emplacement :
    Fraser Building, Room F228, Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON, CAN
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Denyse Leroy
935 Ramsey Lake Rd. Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6
1 705 675-1151 7222
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Data compilation and integration techniques for exploration targeting are not taught in a university or college setting and typically are learned on-the-job through trial and error, often producing a mishmash of formats that cannot be integrated into a unified database nor queried in a multi-parameter sense. The ability to use all of the available data, cost effectively and efficiently, will increase the probability of success and limit costly testing of false anomalies. This short course, consisting of two modules, will be delivered in logical steps. Module/Day 1 will address best practices for the Collection, Organization, and Storage of geological, geophysical, geochemical and remote sensing data into standardized and queriable formats and conclude with data processing techniques for geochemical and geophysical data; Module 2/Day 2 will focus on Data Integration, Visualization, Interpretation and Targeting. Data integration and Interpretation are iterative processes that clearly require multiple Visualization steps. Through worked examples, we will clearly show the benefits of both manual (on paper) and digital (using software) data interpretations with a discussion on the pros and cons of each. Case studies will be used to illustrate effective targeting strategies using geological, geochemical, geophysical and remote sensing data. This course is designed to meet the needs of industry professionals at all points in their careers, although probably most relevant for young professionals, and companies that have acquired archived databases through purchase or M&A or are tired of searching through endless hard drives for the “right data” files before planning meaningful exploration programs.



Shastri Ramnath, MSc, MBA, PGeo

Orix Geoscience – Speciality: Geology


Hernan Ugalde, PhD, PGeo

Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited – Speciality: Geophysics


Lori Wickert, MSc, PGeo

Consultant – Speciality: Remote Sensing


Iris Lenauer, PhD

SRK Consulting – Speciality: Structural Geology


Alan King, MSc, PGeo

Consultant – Speciality: Geophysics – Case Studies


Lynda Bloom, MSc, PGeo

Analytical Solutions – Speciality: Geochemistry


Exploration Targeting Certificate (3 Mini-Modules):

The Data Collection, Compilation, Visualization, Integration and Interpretation Techniques mini-module is one of three modules that make up the Exploration Targeting Certificate. The other 2 mini-modules include: Exploration Targeting within Ore Deposit Environments; and Economics of Mineral Exploration, which will be offered in the Fall 2014. Those who complete all three mini-modules will be given an official Laurentian University certificate of completion for the Exploration Targeting module.