CIM GTA West May 28th Luncheon

  • Dates:
    May 28, 2014
  • Hours:
    From 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Location:
    Otello's Special Events Centre - Royal Windsor Room 2273 Roal Windsor Drive, Oakville, Ontario
  • Event Type:
    Luncheon Meeting

Contact Information

Amanda Pui
Secretary - CIM GTA West
1 416 849-2243 52
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Event Detail

“Largo’s Maracas Vanadium Project – Successful Project Development During Trying Market Conditions.”

Mark Brennan President, CEO & Director and Mike Mutchler (COO) of Largo Resources

The presentation will discuss the development of the Maracas Vanadium Project from the acquisition by Largo in 2007 to production in 2014. As well as a look at the highest grade vanadium ore body in the world and a complex processing plant, the presentation will discuss innovative project financing techniques used during trying market conditions that have stopped many of the mining industries other projects. 

Mark Brennan, CEO and President of Largo Resources (TSX-V: LGO) was a founding member of Desert Sun Mining with over 20 years financing experience in North America & Europe. Founder and principal of Linear Capital, Brasoil Corporation, James Bay Resources, Morumbi Oil & Gas and former President, CEO and Chairman of Admiral Bay Resources.

His background is in investment banking in London where he focused on minerals and oil and gas companies. He got involved with starting companies and moving companies through the process to expand and produce and, in some cases, being acquired. His work in Largo has been to clarify and strengthen the company's opportunities, and put them on a path that will help them to achieve an exciting place in the industry. When he joined Largo, they had a gold/copper asset in Ecuador which they moved away from. They now have the Maracas project, which is the richest Vanadium deposit in the world. 

Sponsor of the day: Largo Resources