Ben Chalmers | Ross Gallinger

Distinguished Lecturers 2014-15

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In recognition of contributions to the framework for mandatory disclosure of payments to governments derived from mining

Presentation title: Resource Revenue Transparency

In many countries, monitoring mining revenues is nearly impossible given that citizens do not know how much is owed to their governments or how much is collected. This gap can lead to the mismanagement, loss and outright theft of resource revenues that are critical for development. Resource revenue transparency empowers citizens to hold their governments accountable for how revenues are managed.

In 2012, the Mining Association of Canada, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, Publish What You Pay Canada and the Revenue Watch Institute formed the Resource Revenue Transparency Working Group, a ground breaking collaboration between the Canadian mining industry and civil society, to develop a framework from the bottom up, mutually agreed to by industry and civil society, to require Canadian companies to require the disclosure of payments derived from resource extraction to governments all over the world. This framework was finalized in December 2013 after being endorsed by all four organizations that form the working group.  In addition to successfully developing the framework, the working group was able to demonstrate broad support from the mining sector and from civil society for this type of disclosure and enabled the Prime Minister of Canada to make a public commitment to implement such mandatory disclosure in June 2013 at the G8 summit in London, England. 


Ben Chalmers has been working in the mining industry since 2004 and has been involved in environmental management, community engagement and human rights. At MAC, Chalmers is responsible for the implementation of Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) and for issues related to corporate responsibility both within Canada and internationally. He began working in the mining sector at Myra Falls Operations, a zinc and copper mine on Vancouver Island in British Columbia where he was the Environmental Supervisor. Prior to joining MAC, he was the Vice President of Environment and Technical Affairs for the Mining Association of British Columbia. Chalmers holds a Master’s degree from Royal Roads University in Environmental Management and a Bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University in Geography.'

As a professional agrologist and graduate of the University of British Columbia, Ross Gallinger has held numerous positions throughout his 30-year career in health, safety, community and environmental development with IAMGOLD, Placer Dome Canada, BHP Billiton, Rio Algom, Noranda and Westmin.

Gallinger has successfully improved corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance on a variety of projects that have received numerous awards and distinctions. He is also a founding member and current co-chair of the Devonshire Institute, a driving force behind the establishment of the Resource Revenue Transparency Working Group, and has been named one of Embassy Magazine’s Top 100 Canadians influencing foreign policy.

As Executive Director of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), the association developed a new strategic plan, brand and logo, along with expanding its annual convention and a vast array of advocacy, best practices and issues management work undertaken on behalf of its 10,000 members. He was a driving force behind the establishment of the Resource Revenue Transparency Working Group.

Ross Gallinger is currently the President of RG Consulting.

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