Drilling and blasting research at the Noranda Technology Centre

Abstract Drilling and blasting are fundamental operations in the mining cycle and constitute an important component of the mining costs. Problems associated with improper drilling and blasting practices can create losses of several millions of dollars per year. For this reason, a Blasting Technology program was initiated in 1984 at the Noranda Technology Centre (NTC). In this paper, advances made at NTC in drill and blast technology are reviewed. Impacts of drilling and basting for Noranda are assessed in terms of dilution and ore losses. Future challenges are addressed.
Keywords: Blasting, Drilling, Noranda Technology Centre, Research, Technology.
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Summary: Mining with blast holes drilled upwards may be done to recover sill pillars, or for economic reasons when the distance between the levels is relatively large. If the rock is sufficiently competent to accommodate large stope size, the distance between sublevels could be increased to as much as drilling accuracy allows. The same drill drift can be used for the drilling of both down holes and up holes. In the case of down holes, the initial opening of the stope (drop raise) is not as much a...
Publication: CIM Bulletin
Author(s): Q. Liu, H. Tran
Keywords: Drilling, Blasting, Slot drilling, Inverse drop raises.
Issue: 1039
Volume: 93
Year: 2000
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