Values and impurities in base metal concentrates

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 90, No. 1014, 1997
M.J. Fairweather, Cominco Ltd., Trail, British Columbia
Abstract The nature of minor element values and impurities are important both in the assessment of new properties and in the continuing improvement of operating plants. Impurity elements are frequently present as fixed solid solution impurities in association with the constituent minerals of a deposit or process streams in a concentrator. This paper uses five case studies to illustrate the application of simple regression analysis to the evaluation of minor element distribution in both operating mines and new deposits using analytical information readily available. This information may be used to determine opportunities for improvements to the performance of an operating mine, to the economic assessment of a new deposit, or to the subsequent planning of an experimental study.
Keywords: Regression analysis, Metallurgy, Impurity elements, Cominco.
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