Developments in slurry pump technology

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 85, No. 964, 1992
G.A. Davidson, Davidson & Associates, Ancaster, Ontario and P.G. Williams, Dresser Canada Inc., Brantford, Ontario
Abstract New developments in centrifugal slurry pump technology are discussed in relation to their importance for improving pump operation and reliability.
Experimental data obtained by measuring the velocity of liquid flows in a slurry pump casing using Laser Doppler Velocim-etry are presented. This demonstrates the importance of selecting pumps with the proper hydraulic design to provide optimum efficiency, maximum part life and minimum operating cost.
The paper also discusses the use of new wear resistant materials, such as ceramic/metal composites, which can significantly improve the life of parts exposed to abrasive media. The results of laboratory attrition tests are presented.
Keywords: Technology, Slurry pumps, Wear rates.
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