Feasibility of iron recovery from Mount Wright tailing material

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 826, 1981
JOHN A. MEECH Department of Mining Engineering, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
Abstract Oleic acid flotation of Mount Wright thickener underflow tailing material has been shown to be capable of increasing plant recovery by 3%. High levels of oleic acid addition (1.5 kg/t) are required, which limit the economic practicality of the system at this time. Nevertheless, from a technical viewpoint, the process is stable with respect to extreme fluctuations in oleic acid requirements, pulp pH and pulp temperature. Methods to reduce the average consumption of oleic acid need to be found. One technique that merits further testwork uses the "piggy-back" principle to float hematite fines with coarsegrained hematite particles.
Keywords: Iron recovery, Mount Wright, Tailings, Flotation, Oleic acid, Hematite, Quebec-Cartier Mining, Cleaners, Skavengers, Roughers.
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