Copper in Galena and Its Effect on Flotation Properties

Poor separation of lead from a copper concentrate of a major base metal producer was thought to have resulted from copper (0.2-0.4%) in the galena which caused it to float with chalcopyrite. No inclusions of copper mineral were detected which could account for t he flotation of galena. ( The tendency for copper-bearing galena to float with chalcopyrite was confirmed by Hallimond-tube experiments in which t he floatability of copper-doped synthetic galena (0.1-0.4% Cu) was approximately four times as high as copper-free galena. The difference in the cell edge (5.9338 ± 0.0003 A, Cudoped galena; 5.9361 ± 0.0002 A, Cu-free galena) indicated that the copper was lattice-bound and did not occur as submicroscopic mineral inclusions.
Keywords: Chalcopyrite, chalcopyrite, copper, galena, Range Pure undoped PbS ., copper, experiment, flotation, Galena, mineral, minerals
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