The Benson Lake Mine - Operating Practice

Ore outcrops were first discovered in the area in 1911. Following various periods of exploration by private interests and Cominco Limited, the Coast Copper Company, Limited pro1>erty was brought into production in August 1962. Subsequently, Cominco explored the adjace~t Quatsino Gold Mines property and is currently developmg, and producing from, what is now known as the Benson Lake Mine. The Benson Lake Mine was developed using a conveyorequipped decline and trackless LHD equipment. The operation produces 800 tons per day of copper-iron ore, copper being the main product. Copper and iron concentrates are trucked 25 miles to storage and shiploading facilities near Port McNeill to await shipment to Japan.
Keywords: andesitic, Coast Copper, ore, Port McNeill, pyrrhotite, copper, Development, Developments, Mine, Mines, Ore, Ores
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