Smelting Iron Oxide Pellets in the Shaft-Electric Furnace

A combination shaft-electric furnace for the smelting of ores and the melting of metallized feed is being developed at the Mines Branch. When iron oxide pellets are smelted in t his unit, they are preheated and partially reduced in the shaft before being transferred to the electric furnace where smelting is completed. Also, limestone flux added with the pellets is- preheated and calcined in the shaft. It has been demonstrated that, in smelting iron oxide in this unit, the throughput of the 250-kva electric furnace can be approximately doubled and the amount of electrical energy required can be very significantly reduced when the shaft furnace is operated in conjunction with the electric furnace. These benefits are achieved mainly by utilizing the sensible heat and latent energy contained in the arc furnace off-gases.
Keywords: energy, experiment, Experiments, furnace, iron oxide, limestone, natural gas, smelting, Furnaces, Iron, Operation, Pellets, Shaft furnaces, Shafts
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