The Treatment of Complex Zinc-Lead-Copper Ores in the Imperial Smelting Process

Until recently, the approach to the problem of treating complex ores bas been to produce, insofar as is possible, mono-metal concentrates which are treated in traditional zinc, lead and copper smelting circuits, with the residues and by-products from sorne of these circuits being retreated for the recovery of contained values either by a separate residue treatment process or along with the primary feed to the appropriate circuit. The continued development of the Imperial Smelting Process, with its ability to treat poly-metal concentrates, calls for a re-examination of the traditional approach to this problem, and this the paper attempts to do. A survey of recent progress in the technical development of the process is made and a summary of current operational performance is included.
Keywords: blast furnace, Copper in Sinter, gangue, Zinc Lead Slab Zinc Bullion, copper, Furnaces, Lead, Production, Sinter, Slag, Slags, zinc
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