Production of Nickel Oxide From Ammoniacal Process Streams

CIM Bulletin1970
A. ILLIS, Technical Assistant to the Director, J. Roy Gordon Research Laboratory, Sheridan Park, Ontario. G. C. NOWLAN, Assistant Superintendent, and H. J. KOEHLER, Process Engineer, Iron Ore Recovery Plant. The International Nickel Company of Canada, Ltd., Copper Cliff, Ontario.
At its iron ore recovery plant at Copper Cliff, !NCO produces about 17 million pounds per year of a pure, acidsoluble, dense nickel oxide from nickeliferous pyrrhotite. The process used is also applicable to a broad range of ammoniacal nickel-bearing streams. The product has been widely accepted by the chemical, ceramic and electronic industries.
Keywords: Ammonia, Ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbonate, Nickel Oxide, Nickel Sulfide, carbon dioxide, copper, nickel, Nickel carbonates, Oxide, precipitation, Temperature
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