The Pretreatment and Leaching of Chalcopyrite

Observations are reported on the pressure leaching of material produced by subjecting chalcopyrite to two types of heat treatment. Calcination of the mineral at 825°C, in the absence of oxygen, induces some sulphur loss by volatization, producing a material from which copper can be leached more rapidly than from chalcopyrite. Treatment of the mineral with elemental sulphur at 475°C leads to sulphur uptake accompanied by a change in mineralogical structure of the chalcopyrite. Copper is preferentially and rapidly leached from the sulphur-treated material. A tentative explanation of the sulphur-chalcopyrite reaction is presented.
Keywords: Chalcopyrite, copper, copper, Elemental Sulphur, hrs) Figure 5.-Calcined Chalcopyrite, X-ray diffraction, leaching, Materials, mineral, minerals, sulphur
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