Geology of the T ribag Mine

The Tribag copper deposit is one of the rare examples of mineralized breccias in the Canadian Shield. The breccia is a pipe-like body, and consists of granitic, diabasic and volcanic fragments embedded in a vuggy, quartz-carbonate matrix. The mineralization is essentially chalcopyrite and pyrite, with minor molybdenite, sphalerite, galena and other sulphides. The main ore zone is saddle-like in shape, and is enveloped in a zone of chloritization, sericitization and claymineral alteration. It is suggested that the breccia is of the diatreme type.
Keywords: Alteration, Breccias, Breton breccia, chalcopyrite, diabase, granitic, molybdenite, mining, Rock, Rocks, sulphide, Sulphides
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