Open-Pit Drilling and Blasting at Craigmont Mines Limited

Craigmont Mines Limited mine 50,000 tons of ore and waste per day from the open pit at Merritt, British Columbia. An electric-powered "down-the-hole" drill, a diesel- powered rotary drill and two electric-powered rotary drills have been used. All primary drilling, as a result of cost and operating experience, is now performed with two electric-powered rotary drills. Trials with various loading techniques have increased the amount of AN-FO and decreased the amount of commercially prepared slurries used for primary blasting. Approximately 95 per cent of the primary blasting is accomplished with AN-FO, mixed at the hole.
Keywords: blasting, Drill, Drilling, drilling and blasting, Hole Loading Pattern at Craigmont, Merritt, British Columbia, open-pit, ore, Drills, Ore, Ores, Waste, Wastes
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