The Geology of the Choiceland Iron Deposit, Saskatchewan

CIM Bulletin1964
R. L. Cheesman Chief Geologist, Mines Branch, Dept. of Mineral Resources, Government Administration Bldg., Rfgina, Sask.
An extensive Precambrian iron-formation lies about 2,000 ft. beneath post-Precambrian rocks in the Fort a la Corne Forest Reserve, south of Choiceland, Saskatchewan. The geology, deduced from limited drill results and from some geophysical observations, indicates that the deposit is a characteristic magnetite iron-formation, not uncommon in the exposed Precambrian of Saskatchewan, but also shows certain interesting features of faulting and pre-Paleozoic weathering which have given rise to a preserved detrital deposit of hematite. The body is of ore grade and of sizeable proportions.
Keywords: CORE, Drilling, Faulting, Hematite, hematite, magnetite, Paleozoic, Precambrian, the Choiceland Area, Iron, Magnetite, Precambrian, Rock, Rocks, Saskatchewan
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