A Semi-Automatic Of Monitor Cyanide Solution Strength for Gold Ore Dissolution

A semi-automatic device has been constructed that can be used to check the solution strength of cyanide solutions. It consists of a wheel on which a gold-foil-bearing glass slide is mounted. The wheel moves the gold foil through the solution under test and intercepts a light beam. As the gold foil is attacked by the cyanide solution its light absorption diminishes. The successive increase in transmitted light intensity is recorded and gives a measure of the gold dissolution rate. Curves have been obtained to show the effect of cyanide concentration and oxygen content on dissolution rates. Details are presented of the construction of the unit, and some practical operating procedures are outlined.
Keywords: chart recorder, Cyanide Solutions, gold leaf, ph meter, solar cell, Concentration, cyanide, dissolving, Glass, Gold, Oxygen, Strength, test, Tests
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