Energy Requirements • in Size Reduction

The topic of the relationships between energy and particle size has had two very active periods - the first in the early thirties, when the relative merits of Rittinger's and Kick's pro1>0sals were vigorously debated; the second in the early fifties, when Bond's Third Theory was published. This second stage has produced several contributions that have provided a clearer picture of energy / size correlations in comminution. Derivations of a general relationship have been made from single-fracture experiments and from the rate of comminution, and both methods arrive at an equation of the type E = AK-". The constant A in the equation may be regarded as a grind ability parameter. In some respects, an understanding of the phenomena associated with comminution is still lacking, and research in this field should therefore be expanded.
Keywords: comminution, comminution, distribution coefficient, fracture, rela, Skokie, Illinois, Distribution, energy, Fracture, Fractures, Materials, Reduction, Rock
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