Laboratory Studies on the Flow of Nickel-Water Suspensions

CIM Bulletin1963
Flow studies have been conducted on nickel-water suspensions in a 1- in.-diam., 42-ft.-long transparent laboratory pipeline at concentrations of up to 25 per cent, by volume, and slurry velocities of up to 15 ft. / sec. The average size of the nickel powder was approximately 150 mesh (106μ), Three flow regimes were noted. At the highest velocities, i.e., above 10 ft. / sec., where the concentration distribution through the vertical diameter was most uniform, pressure gradients could be correlated with the Durand-Condolios equation (7,8).
Keywords: Concentration, nickel, nickel, pressure gradient, Slurry Fric, specific gravity, velocity, particles, Pipe, Pressure, Slurry, Velocities, Water, Waters
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