The Metallurgy of Nickel-Coated Composite Powders

A brief description of the hydrogen reduction of nickel from ammoniacal solutions by the Sherritt process is given, indicating how this procedure can now be used to coat a great number of materials - particularly powders - with nickel or cobalt. whereby so-called composite powders are produced. The technique for the production of composite powders is described, particularly with regard to the surface activation of noncatalytic powders, whereby it is possible to coat core powders uniformly with nickel or cobalt. The properties of some of the more interesting composite powders, such as Ni/ Al, Ni/WC, Co/WC, Ni/Graphite and i/P, are discussed. as well as possible fields of application for these new products.
Keywords: ammonium sulphate, anthraquinone, cobalt, Nickel Solutions, tungsten carbide, Cobalt, Composites, CORE, Materials, metals, nickel, particles, Phosphorous, Production
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