The Use of Coal in Pyrometallurgical Processes in Western Areas of Canada and the United States

A program to provide technical information on the use of fuels in pyrometallurgical processes, from the Canadian fu el viewpoint, was initiated about five years ago by a Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy liaison group composed of members from the Coal Research Committee of the Coal Division and the Iron and Steel Committee of the Metallurgy Division. This paper is another of a series prepared for this program. Previous papers included a review of pyrometallurgical processes of Canadian interest, a survey of ferrous processes relevant to the development of an integrated steel industry in western Canada and a survey of the fuel requirements of the non-ferrous metals industry in Canada.
Keywords: bituminous coal, coke, coking, United States, Western Canada, Canadian, Coal, Coke, Cokes, Coking coal, steel, Steels, United States, Western Canada
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