Terrestrial Heat Flow in the St. Lawrence Lowland of Quebec

Terrestrial heat flow has been determined for four boreholes in the Montreal area. The mean value of the results (uncorrected for glacial effects) is 0.790 ± 0.053 x 10-6 cal/ cm2/sec (95 per cent confidence limits). Thermal gradients were determined using a thermistor probe and d-c bridge, and also by a new method using a probe-contained phase-shift oscillator, the output frequency of the oscillator being a function of probe temperature. Thermal conductivity determinations were made on core from the boreholes, using a divided bar apparatus.
Keywords: Boreholes, boreholes, heat flow, phase-shift oscillator, thermal conductivity, thermistor, Cables, CORE, flow, Heat, Montreal, Quebec, Temperature, Thermal conductivity
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