Production of Copper Powder by Hydrogen Reduction Techniques

The paper describes the processes developed and piloted by Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited for recovering copper, in the form of specification copper powders, from Lynn Lake sulphidic copper concentrates and Fort Saskatchewan Refinery by-product copper sulphides. The process includes ammonia pressure leaching and hydrogen reduction from solution. Nickel and cobalt present in the concentrates dissolve in the leach solution and a method was developed for separating these metals from the copper. Methods are described for controlling the physical properties of the copper powder produced in the reduction vessel. The chemistry of the process is briefly discussed and the effects of some of the more important process variables are described.
Keywords: Ammonia, Ammonia, ammonium sulphate, copper, Sherritt Gordon Nickel, sulphuric acid, copper, leaching, nickel, Process, Processes, Reduction, Temperature
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