The Plugging Effect of Bacteria in Sandstone Systems

CIM Bulletin1960
The plugging effect of bacteria was investigated by injecting various concentrations of dead bacteria cells through sandstone cores. Pressure profiles along the cores were recorded periodically during the injection cycles. The plugging effect was analyzed using a plot of the ratio of reduced permeabilities to the initial permeability versus input volume. Results indicated that rock permeability has little effect on plugging, but that the concentration of bacteria in the injection water has a significant effect on plugging characteristics. The pressure profile curves showed that bacteria penetrated several inches through the core but that the greater portion of the bacteria accumulated at the input end of the core.
Keywords: Air, Bacteria, Bacteria in Sandstone Systems, distilled water, free running, Permeability of Oil, University of Alberta, Concentration, CORE, flow, Permeability, Pressure, Profiles, Water, Waters
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