Experimental Electric Smelting of Manganese Ores

Pig iron and silicospiegeleisen were produced experimentally from a very low-grade manganiferous iron ore from Steep Rock, Ontario, by a two-stage electric smelting process. The most favourable operating conditions were determined for each stage. Cement clinker then was made by calcining the slag from the second stage of smelting, with additional lime stone and alumina. (This slag would normally a waste material). The cement clinker produced had the composition of commercial Portland cement, and met the physical test requirements of the Canadian Standards Association Specification A5-1951 for normal Portland cement as well as could be expected for a material produced on .such a small scale
Keywords: Iron, Manganese, Materials, NPC Normal Portland Cement., pig iron, slag, Smelting of Manganese Ores, Ore, Ores, Portland cement, Slag, Slags, smelting
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