Trace Metals in the McMurray and Other Cretaceous Reservoirs Oil Sands of Alberta

An investigation of the occurrence of three trace - vanadium, nickel, and iron - in McMurray oilsand oil has been Carried out. A remarkable uniformity of the trace metals in samples of the oil obtained from widely separated points in the oil-sand area was found. A typical oil-sand oil anaysis is 360 p.p.m. V205' 93 p.p.m. NiO, and 106 p.p.m. Fe203. The oil-sand oil was compared with crude oils found in other Cretaceous reservoirs on the basis of trace metals content.
Keywords: Athabasca Oil Sands Conference, Cretaceous oils, Lower Cretaceous, nickel, Vanadium, Iron, metals, nickel, Oil, Oils, Oxide, Sand, Trace metals, Vanadium
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