Determination of Calcium Vapour Pressure in the Thermal Production of Calcium Metal

The production of metallic calcium, by reduction of lime with aluminium, was investigated. Using a modified form of the effusion method, the vapour pressure of calcium above the reaction: 4Ca0 + 2Al ~ 3Ca + CaO.AI,03 was determined and found to vary from 1.0 to 1.3 mm. Hg from 1,150° to l,200°C. From the magnitudes of the various thermodynamic quantities involved, together with a consideration of the known chemical characteristics of the reaction, it was suggested that the reaction proceeded by reduction of lime with aluminium vapour.
Keywords: Calcium, calcium, operating temperature, reducing agent, University of Toronto, vapour pressure, Furnaces, Lime, metals, Pressure, Reduction, Systems, Temperature, Tubes
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