Aluminium Therapy in the United States

CIM Bulletin1944
FOLLOWING the experimental work of Denny, Robson, and Irwin, and the clinical investigation by Crombie and Blaisdell, an investigation of aluminium therapy was begun at Washington, Pa., which is situated in a very large industrial section of the State. Some of the men to be studied were from plants manufacturing silica brick, refractories used in steel and glass manufacturing, and semi-porcelain table-ware; others were workers in foundries, sand blasters, and men engaged in the quarrying of ganister rock. This group of workmen gave an opportunity to study the effects of aluminium on various types of silicosis which differed somewhat from that found in hard-rock miners.
Keywords: Air, aluminium, hard rock, silica, Silicosis Research, tuberculosis, Dust, Dust control, Improvement, Improvements, industrial, Plants, Silica, Silica dust, Treatment
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