Bird River Chromite Deposits, Manitoba

CIM Bulletin1943
DURING the summer of 1942 several chromite deposits were discovered in the Lac du Bonnet district about eighty miles northeast of Winnipeg. The deposits are confined to the Bird River complex, a folded composite sill of basic and ultrabasic igneous rocks of early Precambrian age that lies to the north of Bird river (1). The outcrop of the sill represents the trace of an easterly plunging anticline, the south limb extending from the northeast bay of Lac du Bonnet eastward to Bird lake, and the other limb, 6 to 12 miles north, lying between Maskwa river and Euclid lake.
Keywords: Bird River, chlorite, chromite, Hornblmde Gabbro, peridotite, sill, Chromite, Chromites, Deposits, Ore, Ores, Rock, Sills
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