Standardization of Rounds in Development Headings at Britannia

CIM Bulletin1942
A GREAT deal of work has been done at Britannia during the past three years in improving and standardizing rounds for development headings, and the results obtained have been very gratifying. The round which has recently been adopted as a standard for all drifts and cross-cuts has, in some instances, doubled the average length of break formerly obtained . It has also increased the footage of advance per labour shift and reduced explosives' consumption. At the present time, with a shortage of skilled labour, more control is necessar7 in directing the drilling of rounds . The use of a standard round has been o great assistance to the foremen and shiftbosses .
Keywords: blasting, Development, Developments, Drill, Drilling, Drills, Gelatin., maximum break, mucking, schist, steel, Standards, steel, Steels
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