Grading Scheelite Deposits with an Ultra-Violet Lamp

CIM Bulletin1942
DESPITE the widespread occurrence of scheelite in Canada, domestic production of this strategic mineral is still quite insufficient to meet wartime needs. Two difficulties have invariably arisen in prospecting for or developing scheelite deposits: scheelite is a difficult mineral to identify, and secondly, its distribution is commonly so erratic that the value of a deposit cannot be determined without arduous and expensive methods of sampling and wet assay. Scheelite's property of fluorescing under certain ultra-violet lamps overcomes the first difficulty and is the basis for a quantitative method developed to overcome the second.
Keywords: Assays, Deposits, gangue, scheelite, Slide rule, specific gravity, Yellowknife-Beaulieu, Grade, Grading, Lamp, Lamps, mineral, minerals, Veins
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