How to Expedite Geological Investigation and Prospecting in Canada

CIM Bulletin1941
The Staff
ONE of the morning sessions at the recent Annual Meeting was devoted to a Symposium on ways and means to expedite geological investigation, and also to promote greater prospecting activity, in Canada. It will be recalled that at the 1940 Annual Meeting, held in Winnipeg, a paper(l) prepared by Dr. G. A. Young, Chief Geologist of the Geological Survey, was presented, and was followed by a Symposium on Geological Investigations in Canada(2). On that occasion, the participants were in the main geologists, and they included the directors or other officials of each of the Provincial departments or bureaus of mines.
Keywords: Canada, Canadian Geological Survey., Mineral, Newmont Mining Corporation, prospecting, Canadian, Development, Developments, exploration, mining, Prospecting, Survey, Surveys
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