Backfilling at the Sullivan Mine

CIM Bulletin1941
IN discussing stope filling, or backfilling, at the Sullivan mine, at Kimberley, B.C., a brief description of the problem will first be presented. The Sullivan orebody is a replacement in quartzite, with the ore conforming, for the most part, with the bedding. The dip of the vein, apart from local irregularities, averages about 15 degrees near the outcrop in the southwest section of the mine, and steepens to almost 40 degrees at the northeast end of the mine. The thickness varies from a few feet to over 200 feet at the widest sections.
Keywords: Backfillings, Caving, caving, glacial flour, hardpan, quartzite, stope, Materials, pillar, Pillars, Raises, stope, stopes, Water, Waters
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