Development of the Athabaska Oil Sands

CIM Bulletin1941
THE world's largest known oil deposit lies in northern Alberta. In fact, according to government estimates, the famous so-called 'tar sands' of the Athabaska region contain several times as much oil as all the other proved reserves of the world. S. C. Ells, of the Department of Mines and Resources, who has been the Dominion Government's authority on the oil sands since 1913, has estimated the minimum content of the deposits at 100 billion barrels( 1). C. P. Bowie, of the U.S. Bureau of Mines, has published an estimate of 250 billion barrels(2). In comparison, the latest authoritative estimate of the proved oil-field reserves of the world is less than 35 billion barrels(3).
Keywords: Alberta, asphalt, Athabaska valley, Northern Alberta, oil sands, specific gravity, Deposits, Development, Materials, Oil, oil sands, Oils, Sand
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