The Importance of Temperature, and of Sulphur Dioxide Concentration, in Roasting Arsenopyritic Concentrate

CIM Bulletin1940
IN a recent paper on Roasting of Beattie Concentrate (1), the importance of controlling the temperature, and the sulphur d10xide concentrat10n! was pointed out. It is the purpose of the present paper to present further information by which the most satisfactory condit10ns for roasting are more specifically defined. Incidentally, a method of illustration is developed for representing roasting curves on a three-dimensional diagram. The primary purpose of this investigation, as in the case of the earlier work, was the search for information that would be of practical value in improving plant operation and gold recovery.
Keywords: arsenic, arsenopyrite, cyanide, roasting, sulphur, Chemicals, Concentrate, Concentration, Gold, Laboratory, Roasting, Temperature, test, Tests
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