Gold Mills in the Little Long Lac and Sturgeon River Areas

CIM Bulletin1940
THE present era of exploitation of the Little Long Lac and Sturgeon River areas commenced in 1925, when Beardmore Gold Mines started development of what is now the property of Northern Empire Mines. A shaft was sunk in 1927-28 and a very limited amount of underground work was carried out, following which the property was shut down. It remained idle until 1932, when Empire Star Mines, a Delaware Company, optioned the property. This Company formed the Northern Empire Mines Company, Limited, to operate the mine, and immediately instigated an aggressive programme of surface and underground development.
Keywords: Beardmore Gold Mines, cyanide, Little Long Lac, Sturgeon River, unit cell, Concentrate, Concentrates, Gold, Mill, Mills, Ore, Ores
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