The Spectrographic Laboratory of the Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Co.

CIM Bulletin1940
THE realization by metallurgists of the important effect that traces of impurity may have upon the properties of a metal, and their steady demand for purer and still purer metals, have made the special tools for 'trace' analysis of increasing value. In the United States at least, spectrographic analysis is becoming the standard method for determining the impurities in zinc die-casting alloys. The Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company, as a producer of virtually pure zinc, uses the spectrograph to control the purity of its products, and- as the electrolytic method is employed here- to control both the impurities in the electrolyte and those 'trace' elements, which, while they do not contaminate the zinc, have a great effect on the plating efficiency.
Keywords: Air, analysis, cadmium, copper, Hudson Bay, spectrograph, zinc, copper, Electrodes, Laboratory, Standards, zinc
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