Recent Smelting Practice at Noranda

CIM Bulletin1939
A paper describing the Noranda smelter was presented at the 1930 annual meeting of the Institute (1). A lacer article appeared in the Transactions of the A.I.M.&M.E. in 1933. Since chat time there have been many changes and improvements in plant operation and it is the abject of this paper to give an account of developments up to the beginning of 1939. The Noranda smelter was built originally for a capacity of 30,000 tons a month. At present, the average tonnage being treated is 110,000 tons a month, the tonnage of custom ores alone amounting to almost the total rated capacity of the original plant.
Keywords: Braden Copper Company, magnesite, reverberatory furnace, smelter, toaster, Coal, Converters, Dust, Furnaces, Noranda, Reverberatory furnaces, Roasters, smelter, Smelters, Tonnage
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