Relation of Gold Deposits to Structure, Yellowknife and Gordon Lake Areas, Northwest Territories

CIM Bulletin1939
THIS paper relates to an area of more than 5,000 square miles in the Northwest Territories extending north from Great Slave lake and including- the Yellowknife, Beaulieu River and Gordon lake areas. Within the last three years much interest in the area has been created by the discovery of remarkably rich gold-bearing veins and the realization that thousands of square miles of unprospected ground are underlain by rocks like those in which the veins have been found. Probably there were more prospectors in this area in 1938 than in any other part of Canada.
Keywords: Dykes, Fault, Faults, Gold, greywacke, mica schist, quartz, Yellowknife River, quartz, Rock, Rocks, sediments, Veins
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