Certain Operating Phases in the Refining of Copper at the Ontario Refining Co., Ltd.

CIM Bulletin1938
THE Ontario Refining Company, Limited, wholly-owned subsidiary of The International Nickel Company of Canada, refines the entire blister copper output of the latter's Copper Cliff smelter. Prior to 1936, the blister was cast in 460-lb. cakes at the smelter, loaded on open cars, and transported by rail to the refinery, a distance of approximately 1 1/4 miles . Here the cakes were transferred to the plant narrow-gauge system, charged to furnaces, and re-melted.
Keywords: anode, Copper Cliff, nickel, smelter, tellurium, copper, Furnaces, nickel, Ontario, Operation, Refining, Slimes, smelter, Smelters
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