Structure of Gold Deposits in the Crow River Area, Ontario

CIM Bulletin1938
PUBLIC attention was first attracted to the Crow River area of northwestern Ontario by the discovery of gold in 1928. The first three discoveries were eventually developed into Central Patricia, Pickle Crow, and Albany River mines. In 1929, preliminary developments were carried out at the Howell vein on N.A.M.E. (later Pickle Crow) claims, and in 1929 and 1930 surface and underground work indicated an ore-body at Central Patricia mine. However, due to the financial depression and the distance of these properties from the railway, it was not until 1934 and 1935 that, benefitted by the revaluation of gold, the real potentialities of these two properties began to be realized.
Keywords: Fracture, Fractures, greenstone, iron, ore, quartz, syncline, Iron formation, Mine, Mines, Rock, Rocks, Structure, Veins
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