Shaft Sinking Through Heavy Overburden at Falconbridge

CIM Bulletin1938
THE Falconbridge property is almost completely covered with overburden to a depth varying from 60 to over 200 feet . This overburden consists of grave], sand, and boulder, with bands of very fine silt, and there is usually a layer of water-bearing quicksand adjoining the r:ock surface. In previous shafts sunk at Falconbridge, this water-bearing quicksand had given considerable trouble, and further difficulties were expected in sinking No. 5 shaft, due to its greater size. The method described in this paper is the one adopted in sinking this shaft, after the matter had been carefully considered.
Keywords: Concrete, headframe, norite, overburden, quicksand, shaft, Headframes, Overburden, Rocks, Sand, Shaft sinking, Shafts, steel, Steels
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