The Prevention of Silicosis by Metallic Aluminium

CIM Bulletin1937
IN November, 1932, an investigation of silicosis was undertaken at the McIntyre Porcupine mine, Schumacher, Ont., after a discussion of the problem with Sir Frederick Banting and his staff. As a result, it was decided to carry on dusting experiments with animals at the mine in a manner that would duplicate as far as possible actual industrial conditions. At that time 50 guinea pigs were placed in the crusher house tunnel of the mill where a considerable quantity of fine dust, containing approximately 35 per cent of free silica, was being constantly produced. These animals lived in this atmosphere for periods up to one year, and, while on autopsy large amounts of dust were found in the lungs, not a single case of silicosis had developed.
Keywords: aluminium, Ca(OH) 2, quartz, silica, silicosis, Dust, Materials, Mine, Mines, Montreal, particles, quartz, Silica
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