Splitting the Minus-200 with the Superpanner and Infrasizer

CIM Bulletin1937
I HAVE considerable hesitation in preparing and presenting this paper. These machines have been such an intimate part of my own experiences and predilections for such a long time that J would find it difficult to tell the story in an impersonal way. They have had several attractions for me. They were needed for the study of the fundamental features of modern milling, size analysis and accurate batch concentration of the very fine particles. I had been a millman once, a real operating millman, and, when I became “ academic” , I always had the craving to link the academic laboratory with the field, as Rittinger and Richards had done.
Keywords: Air, Balls, golf ball, intimate part, Kirkland Lake, microns, tailings, Materials, Mine, Mines, mining, Pans, particles, Tubes
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