Revision of the Geology of the Southern Alberta Plains

CIM Bulletin1937
THE plains of southern Alberta constitute one of the classic areas of geological investigation in Canada, for it was here in 1874, and in 1881 to 1883, that George Mercer Dawson (1, 2, 3) made the pioneer observations that are basic to all subsequent work on the interior plains of Canada. Dawson's work was extended eastward by R. G. McConnell (4) and northward by J. B. Tyrrell( 5) , but it remained. for D. B. Dowling to re-examine Dawson's Bow and Belly River Area and to make certain necessary revisions in the stratigraphical system of his predecessor.
Keywords: Alberta, formation, geology, Maps, Milk River Area, Northern Alberta, sandstone, Southern Alberta, stratigraphical, Sandstone, Saskatchewan, Shale, Shales, Structure
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